Who Is Kenny Gregg

500K Old School MLM’er Walked Away From Cold Prospecting… And Became A Internet Network Marketing Superstar OverNight in the Direct Marketing And Network Marketing Industry……Kenny Gregg Provides Marketing Solutions and Success Coaching To Network Marketers, Internet Marketers and Entrepreneurs From All Over The World Who Want To Be Their Own Boss, Control Their

Own Destiny And Earn Unlimited Income.

Kenny Gregg is originally from Sacramento, CA where he started 19 years ago in the direct sales and network marketing industry.  Prior to that he was 11 years in the computer industry and spent 5 years in the financial industry as a broker for and mentored thousands of people during his years of success.

After the mortgage market started to decline in 2006-2007, Kenny decided to pursue the home based business arena with a passion. Bringing a lot of experience from his previous marketing career, and computer background Kenny immediately became a successful internet marketer and success coach.

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Kenny is also the Director of KG Marketing Ventures, INC, a sales and marketing company headquartered in Sacramento, CA.  KG Marketing Ventures is comprised of  thousands of independent representatives nationwide who concentrate on helping people take over their life both mentally and financially through owning a home based business and marketing online. Kenny has been trained and mentored by multi-millionaires in the Network Marketing, Direct Sales, and Mortgage Industries for more than half of his life. He has had the opportunity to train with some of the top names in the industry.  This training and mentor ship helped Kenny accomplish many goals, including currently being awarded the #1 business builder in his network marketing company as well as top ranked and income earner!  His unique style in delivering presentations, coaching, training, and mentor ship has helped hundreds in his past and present, with many more to come in the future.  He is and has many talents in the online marketing arena and continues to be a top producer in his industry.

Spending a lot of time with some very influential people over the years, Kenny learned a long time ago “In order to accomplish any of your own goals, you must concentrate on helping others reach their goals. ” Living by this philosophy with tremendous results, Kenny has put together this website to focus on marketing, business opportunities, and personal growth as well as sharing his tips, tricks and know how on the industry.  With one sole goal to help others build a successful online and or network marketing business.  No matter what stage in your life you may be in right now, there is some information within this website that you can truly benefit from.

Live Life With Passion!

Kenny Gregg
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