New Facebook Fanpage Timelines – What Does This Mean For Your Marketing

Yes I know it is some like and some don't type of attitude however for me I think it is a great thing they are doing if you know hot to use this right you can really explode your brand and your business more then you can imagine. I thought I would shed some light on this and give you an quick overview of what to update and how it works. Facebook Fan Page Timelines have publicly launched! Here is a breakdown of what you need to know to prepare for the mandatory shift to fan page Timelines on March […] Read more »

Build A Inernet Marketing Sales Page In Less Than 15 Minutes

In the world of internet and network marketing, there is one thing you need a way to easily and simply create a Marketing sales page that is professional looking and has all the bells and whistles and looks like a professional programmer or designer put it together.  Thats where ImToolSuite comes in at. ImToolSuite is a system co-founded by me, Cedrick Harris, and Jim Chao by internet/network marketers for internet/network marketers. The cool thing about us is simple… WE STILL BUILD BUSINESSES;) Most systems that you run across majority of the owners don’t build network marketing businesses and are providing […] Read more »

How To Earn 200k In 2011 and Beyond

Take Time To Share With Others —————————->>>> Yes 2010 is coming to a close and I wanted to get this video out to you and welcome you to the new year.  I've got some great things planned for 2011.  I wanted to bring you up to speed and let you know about some great ways you can capitalize on the new year. In this video below I'm going to reveal  a few things I've learned over 2010 and I will also give you some insight into 2011 as I see it and what you need to do in order to […] Read more »

Social Bookmarking| 7 Major Tips to Stand-out

Social Bookmarking is a method for internet users to share, organize, search and manage bookmarks of web resources. It is used by marketers to boost up their online presence. It is believed to be one of the major tools in the marketing industry. In the internet world, the more you bookmark a specific site, the better marketing results will be attained by that particular site. If you are really serious in using social bookmarking as a tool in marketing, then start now! Here are some major points I want to give emphasis, which can definitely help you understand the flow […] Read more »

Internet Marketing Strategies | Internet Marketing Tips to live By

Internet marketing is the marketing of products or services over the Internet. It is an act of achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies. Through the use of internet marketing, an individual can attract more people to his website, increase customers for his business and enhance branding of his company and products. Below are some important marketing strategies guidelines for you that will help you get started on a plan that has worked for many. a. Begin with a web promotion plan, effective web design and development strategy. Practice good search optimization techniques to get rank at the top of […] Read more »

Social Media Optimization Rules Needed To Be Successful – Part 2

Social Media Optimization rules you need to have in place.  As I said in the previous article, SMO is a set of methods for generating publicity through social media. With the fact that it is associated as a technique to viral marketing, it is then proven to be a helpful strategy. In this article, I will discuss the other things that need to be taken into consideration in social media optimization. Read more »

Social Media Optimization – 5 Major Rules Must Have

Social Media Optimization or SMO is a set of methods for generating publicity through social media, online communities and community websites. It is in many ways associated as a strategy to viral marketing through the use of networking in social bookmarking, video and photo sharing websites instead of having the word of mouth created through friends or family. It is also considered as an integral part of an online reputation management or search engine reputation management technique for individuals or organizations that care about establishing their presence online. As of today's marketing industry, SMO has been widely used by marketers […] Read more »

MLM Success Training Webinars – Learn Master MLM Secrets

Want to learn Master Marketing Skills Every week I host a  MLM Training Webinar where me and my business partners teach master marketing skills.  We cover different topics weekly.  The webinar is completely free.  Why am I doing this well we want you to be able to have the success and learn the proper techniques that is necessary to succeed in the 21st century of online marketing. I can honestly give you every single tangible trick, tool and secret on the planet that has allowed the top 3% to make multiple 6-figures per year in the network marketing industry, but […] Read more »

Facebook Marketing, MLM Secrets To Marketing on Facebook

Facebook Marketing For Your MLM Business Learn the MLM Secrets to explode your MLMBusiness on Facebook Below is an Interview I did with my Good Friend Jim Chao who is a Facebook Marketing Genius he has really got this down. He was visiting me recently and I was talking with him about some of his techiques and how he gets so many leads daily.  He went over everything with me step by step and man it is amazing.  See when it comes to marketing to be in the top 3% you seriously have to seperate yourself when it comes to […] Read more »