Why I Joined Visalus?

Sometimes things come along that you say what just happened.  Sometimes you have business opportunities that come along and you wish you would have jumped on and road the wave to the top.  Now one year ago I was presented with opportunity to take a look a Visalus and as such I did a lot of research and what moved me the most and one of the keys to success in your business is the ones at the helm steering the ship.  If you don't have the leadership at the top that is 2nd to none you will have a […] Read more »

Numis Network – You Can Have The Lifestyle You Deserve

Numis Network The Lifestyle Your Deserve Big Changes are coming and you have a chance to capitalize on a major momentum,  Numis Network is seriously exploding and an opportunity that you don't want to take lightly it is something that is seriously going to revolutionize the way you think and look at MLM and or Network Marketing.   Learn How Coins Can Pay the Bills Stop Struggling Hear How Much Fun We are having can you say that about your current situation if not what is stopping you from taking that next step contact me today and lets get you […] Read more »

Carbon Copy Pro – Learn the Method of Creating Extensive Marketing System

With all the marketing systems currently available on the internet, the task of finding one that best fits your needs is almost impossible to accomplish. Especially as there are a few of them that are marketed so extensively and have so many reviews of all sorts, that you don’t know what to believe. Carbon Copy Pro is one of them. Carbon Copy Pro was developed by Jay Kubassek in collaboration with Aaron Parkinson, to promote the Wealth Masters International business. It was patterned after the Reverse Funnel System, which was used to market the Global Resort Network opportunity. It is […] Read more »

Playing the Field of Global Marketing – A Story of MLM Business Success

Financial Destinations Inc. (later FDI International) is a privately held company, founded in 2003 and headquartered in Windham, New Hampshire. It was founded by William Andreoli, now CEO and President of the company. Known in its first years as a financial education company, FDI had the stated mission to “Stamp Out Financial Illiteracy Across the Country”. It was one of the companies that used an MLM business model to offer financial education and training. This training included issues such as fiscal responsibility, real estate, stock market speculation, cashflow management – all of these were meant to educate FDI members on […] Read more »

Numis Network – The Best Way To Retain Numis Reps

All of us who have ever been into an MLM business know that retaining MLM reps into the business can be as challenging as recruiting. However, many people think that if the business is good, you should have no problem retaining your reps. False. Numis Network is the only network marketing company distributing a product that is an asset, not a consumable. They distribute silver and gold at a time of high-peak interest in silver and gold acquisitions. Not only that, but the form of silver and gold is graded and certified modern issue silver and gold coins, which are […] Read more »

Numis Network – Is Numis The Silver Magic Bullet?

Numis Network – Is It Gold? The name Numis Network has most probably reached your ears already, even if it is a new company. It is spreading fast, as people see the opportunity and just take it. Have you ever wondered what an opportunity offering both short-term earnings and a long-term, and a way to preserve wealth what would that plan look like? If somebody would come to you and say “I’ve got the perfect magic bullet plan for you, you’re going to take notice in something that has the only product in network marketing that can be considered an […] Read more »

Xocai Review – Is Xocai the one for success

Xoçai healthy chocolate differs from the chocolate we eat every day in that it has a health-improving quality. This quality is the power of the antioxidants contained in its two main ingredients: cacao and açai berries, top antioxidant-rich foods in the world. Antioxidants are nutrients or enzymes that are capable of counteracting the damaging – though normal – effects of the physiological process of oxidation in tissues. Oxidative stress occurs when there are too many free radicals (highly unstable atoms or molecular fragments with a deficient number of electrons) and too little antioxidants to counteract their effects. The same process […] Read more »

Ardyss – Can you Succeed With Ardyss

If you are a woman trying to supplement your income with a second job, or simply trying to work from home, you may already have been approached to become a representative for Ardyss International. This doesn’t mean that Ardyss is a company only for women; this only means that the line of products that will bring something amazing to your customers’ eyes consists mainly of products designed for women, which can be given a personal recommendation from a woman who has tried them. However, men have their own products, designed to have the same effects. Have I aroused your curiosity? […] Read more »

Numis Network – This is a real opportunity to build wealth

Out of all network marketing businesses and programs I have checked so far, there was one that caught my eye – it is called Numis Network. And there is more than one reason for it. The thing that got my attention in the first place was not the fact that their products are gold and silver collectible coins, but the fact that these coins are certified, graded collector’s coins, not simple bullion coins. Their value is greater than that of bullion coins for the simple fact that it takes into consideration the condition of the coins, as well as collector […] Read more »