How Kenny Gregg Is Going To Change The Course Of Marketing?

Share Today So Others Can Benefit  ======================>>>>> This is your time to to truly understand the industry how it is that so many claim to be gurus and yet truly are not even making $1000 a month in their business.  It is a shame to see how many are truly being overwhelmed not getting anywhere and really want to be successful in this business.  Well me and my partner Jim Chao are about to reveal how you can seriously change the course of your success and quickly gain financial freedom. —–>  Watch Frank Kern's State of the Union Vid Here […] Read more »

Marketing VS Sales is there a direct difference

I’m always asked the question about the difference between sales and marketing. I want you to imagine that you're part of an MLM company that sells bottled water called Turk potion (not a real company). However this isn't any bottled water, the company that manufactures this water uses a revolutionary technology that makes this the purest water in the world! In fact, one sip of this water will quench your thirst. Drinking an entire 8 ounce bottle of this water will keep you fully hydrated for an entire week! You obviously have a passion for this product and that's why […] Read more »

Affiliate Marketing MLM Networks – Can You Earn Money Online?

Are you among the persons who are still trying to establish if there is a connection between affiliate marketing and MLM networks? Or are you that experienced in online business as to know that MLM can be a viable means of earning money via the internet as well? Unless you already have your own affiliate marketing MLM network and are really successful with it, there’s some interesting information to follow. First of all, a word or two about affiliate marketing: most of you know that it refers to the internet marketing practice in which affiliates of a business get rewarded […] Read more »

Facebook Marketing, MLM Secrets To Marketing on Facebook

Facebook Marketing For Your MLM Business Learn the MLM Secrets to explode your MLMBusiness on Facebook Below is an Interview I did with my Good Friend Jim Chao who is a Facebook Marketing Genius he has really got this down. He was visiting me recently and I was talking with him about some of his techiques and how he gets so many leads daily.  He went over everything with me step by step and man it is amazing.  See when it comes to marketing to be in the top 3% you seriously have to seperate yourself when it comes to […] Read more »

Phases of an Effective Internet Marketing Strategy PART 2: 2 of 4

Marketing strategy Part 2 where we will discuss the next phases in the process of effective internet marketing.  Marketing strategy is a method of focusing an organization's energies and resources on a course of action which can lead to increased sales and dominance of a targeted market niche. It determines the allocation of resources, choice of target market segments, positioning, and marketing mix. This strategy is effective when it is an integral component of overall firm strategy. It defines how the organization will successfully engage with customers, prospects, and competitors in the market arena. If you're a marketer who is […] Read more »